All lobby data for DOTA2-ARAM (json)

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Caution Yellow Lobby Flag: Lobby has been active for 30+ minutes and may be out-dated and/or hosted by a bot. Note: this lobby will no longer display in the lobby list within the Dota 2 client.
Caution Red
Lobby Flag: Lobby has been confirmed to be malicious and/or hosted by a bot.

Custom Game Lobby ID Flags Leader Description Map Players Max Players Region Lobby Age Password
DOTA2-ARAM 27730012534146126 可乐吧 aram_w-t-f 9 10 Shanghai, China 1 minutes No
DOTA2-ARAM 27730012531290018 Mr Jak aram_w-t-f 8 10 EU West 7 minutes No
DOTA2-ARAM 27730012533599201 BOAT- rank_all 6 10 Singapore 2 minutes No
DOTA2-ARAM 27730012533987979 [CMEN][Bad]Nights rank_all 2 10 EU West 1 minutes No
DOTA2-ARAM 27730012534352577 天蓝企鹅 rank_all 2 10 Guangdong, China 0 minutes No
DOTA2-ARAM 27730012534149280 左蓝 rank_all 1 10 Japan 1 minutes No
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Daily peak player data for DOTA2-ARAM (json)